Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Services Do You Provide? Wiltec Research Company, Inc. specializes in laboratory measurement of thermodynamic properties and in thermodynamics consulting. Founded in 1980, Wiltec has developed a wide range of expertise in laboratory techniques and in data correlation and modeling.
  • What kind of compounds are you working with? All of them, Wiltec Research has wide range of experience in organics, in organics; Wiltec Research works with the numerous compounds including: gases, liquids, and solids.
  • What kind of industries do you serve? A Wide client list including many world leaders in Oil, Gas and Chemical industries.

Working Experience

It is often the case that data is needed at extreme conditions of temperature and pressure, or that there are other situations which make measurements difficult, such as problems of charging solid compounds to a cell, handling of toxic or corrosive substances, or performing measurements under conditions where chemical reactions occur. For this reason we customize our experimental apparatuses and methods for each project in order to obtain accurate and reliable data. The actual apparatus used is often constructed specifically for a given project. However, we find that there are certain aspects of an apparatus which remain more or less the same from one project to the next. These are the peripheral devices for measuring or controlling pressure, temperature, flow rates, and devices for charging and analyzing cell components. Our experience has taught us that the most common sources of error in experimental measurements occur in sampling or analysis. We have had enough experience to generally know what methods work and what methods give poor results. If at all possible, the analyses are performed as the measurements are being made; thus, sampling or other problems can be resolved while the run is in progress.